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Tried of the constant, nagging pain of your spinal stenosis? Already tried “everything” without success? Don’t give up! The Nerve & Disc Institute has helped lots of patients end the pain and get their life back. Call today to see if you qualify for treatment.

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Stop the pain spinal stenosis is causing you and get your life back.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop effective, less invasive treatments for some of the most debilitating spinal conditions. At the Nerve and Disc Institute of Michigan, we can help you avoid spine surgery, even when some have said that it’s a necessity for someone with your condition. One disorder that we have a lot of experience with is spinal stenosis. This condition can cause you a significant amount of pain as you’re just trying to go about your daily life, but we have the effective spinal stenosis treatment that you’re looking for.

What It Is

Simply put, spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within your spinal column. This puts extra pressure on the nerves that travel up and down your spine, causing a number of problems and painful symptoms. This disorder can be caused by simple wear and tear over time, especially in patients with osteoarthritis. Overgrowth of bone, tumor growth, or herniated discs can also lead to the development of spinal stenosis.

There are multiple kinds of spinal stenosis that can affect different parts of your spine. Lumbar stenosis, for example, affects your lower back, while cervical stenosis affects the part of your spine found in your neck. Lumbar stenosis is the most common kind of spinal stenosis.

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The Symptoms

Spinal stenosis can cause a number of annoying symptoms that can get worse over time. You might experience numbness or tingling in the extremities. You might also feel weakness in the same places. Which kind of spinal stenosis you have will determine which extremities are affected, with a correlation between cervical stenosis and arm problems or lumbar stenosis and leg or feet issues.

Cervical stenosis can also cause neck pain and problems with balance. You might experience difficulty walking as well. In the worst cases, patients may also experience incontinence and other types of bowel and bladder issues. Lumbar stenosis can cause back pain and extreme leg pain or cramping. Standing for long periods of time or walking far can pose problems and cause pain that won’t go away until you sit down and take a break.

Is Surgery the Only Option?

Some think that curing this disorder and alleviating these symptoms once they become unbearable will require surgery. That’s not the case. Our IntraDiscNutrosis® treatment is a non-invasive treatment method that triggers your body’s own self-healing capabilities. Your spine is resilient and has the amazing capability to repair itself. Our spine doctors just give it the push and support it needs. Recent independent studies have shown that our treatments have a success rate of over 90%, giving patients the lasting results they’re looking for. So give IntraDiscNutrosis® a shot today.

The Most Knowledgeable Spine Doctors

If you’re tired of dealing with spinal stenosis and the pain that comes with it, we can help. Visit the Nerve and Disc Institute to ensure that you’re getting the treatment you need for spinal stenosis. We’ll help you avoid spine surgery and we’ll help you get back to living a pain-free life in no time.

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