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44250 Garfield Rd, Suite 104
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the nerve and disc institue in clinton township

Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, The Nerve & Disc Institute is a premier center for the treatment of various spinal and nerve conditions is now doing the same for knees. Owned by Dr. Solomon Cogan with orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Michael Donahue, serving as Medical Director, the institute is renowned for its commitment to providing innovative, non-invasive solutions. Patients seeking alternatives to surgery, injections, or traditional pain management have consistently found neck, back, sciatica, and knee joint pain relief with improved quality of life through the institute’s advanced treatment approaches, supported by independent medical research studies.

One of the specialized treatments offered at The Nerve & Disc Institute is the KneeRestoreRX, a non-surgical approach to knee joint pain relief. This treatment is designed to decrease pain, increase function, and stimulate the natural healing processes of the knee without the need for invasive procedures. By focusing on knee decompression therapy and other supportive techniques, KneeRestoreRX aims to repair knee cartilage without surgery and enable patients to return to their daily activities with reduced discomfort and enhanced mobility.

In addition to the KneeRestoreRX, The Nerve & Disc Institute offers a wide range of treatments for debilitating conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of patients, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to address the root causes of pain and dysfunction. The institute’s holistic approach ensures that all patients receive comprehensive care aimed at achieving lasting relief and recovery. For those in need of assistance, The Nerve & Disc Institute invites patients to schedule a free exam and consultation to explore how they can regain control of their health and wellness.