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A Solution for Degenerative Disc Pain

Having conditions like degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, or sciatica can make your life difficult, causing severe pain. But think of a world where you don’t need surgeries or risky injections for relief. That’s where our unique solution, IntraDiscNutrosis®, comes in.

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Don't Let Pain Control Your Life

With The Nerve & Disc Institute's IntraDiscNutrosis® treatment, you don't have to live with chronic pain. It's time to get back your energy, move freely, and live without pain. Contact The Nerve & Disc Institute™ today and see if you're a good fit for this new treatment. It's not just about managing symptoms. It's about healing from the inside and getting back to the life you love. Step into a future without disc-related pain.

Symptoms of a Degenerative Disc

The signs of a degenerative disc can be different depending on where it is and how severe it is. Some people might not feel anything if the disc isn’t pressing on nerves. But, if it does press on nerves, it can cause symptoms like:

  • Localized pain: You might feel pain in your neck, back, or lower back, depending on where the disc is.
  • Radiating pain: If the disc is pressing on a nerve that goes to your arms or legs, you might feel pain, numbness, or tingling there.
  • Muscle weakness: The nerves affected by the disc control your muscles. If they’re not working right, your muscles can get weak.
  • Changes in bladder or bowel control: This is a serious symptom that needs immediate medical help. It can happen if a disc is pressing on the nerves that control your bladder or bowel.

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What is a Degenerative Disc?

A degenerative disc happens when a disc in your spine moves out of place. This can put pressure on the nerves around it, causing pain. Discs are like cushions between the bones of your spine. When healthy, they help your spine move easily, letting you bend and twist.

What Causes a Degenerative Disc?

Aging is a common cause. As we get older, our discs lose water and become less flexible, making them more likely to get damaged. Other causes can be lifting incorrectly, bending or twisting a lot, heavy activities, or injuries. Also, being overweight, smoking, or not being active can increase the risk because they put extra stress on the spine.

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The Nerve & Disc Institute’s™ IntraDiscNutrosis® treatment program is a medical breakthrough

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The Nerve & Disc Institute’s™ IntraDiscNutrosis® (using DiscLogix®) treatment program is a medical breakthrough for people suffering from bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sciatica, and other disc-related symptoms. It is not physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, pain management, injections, or spinal surgery. Your disc has built-in mechanisms to repair itself, and IntraDiscNutrosis® gets them working again. Now you have a proven alternative to invasive procedures like surgery or epidural injections.