Medical Research Studies

IntraDiscNutrosis® has a success rate of over 90%, backed by an independent, randomized medical research study.

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In 2015, patients who had received care at The Disc Institute® were studied by Dr. Paul Tomlinson, an independent Ph.D. research scientist specializing in health care evaluation, to evaluate the effectiveness and long-term results of IntraDiscNutrosis®.

Two medical research studies were done to evaluate patients after initially completing IntraDiscNutrosis and 3 years after treatment by utilizing a sophisticated, random selection of a large and statistically valid sample of patients who received care.

The resulting analysis revealed that over 90% of patients who completed IntraDiscNutrosis reported clinically significant improvement, and continued enjoying those results even 3 years after treatment was completed. Both groups successfully avoided spinal surgery.

The results were published in a peer-reviewed medical journal and were co-authored by a world-famous neurosurgeon who was the head professor of neurosurgery at Harvard University and the inventor of many medical devices still used to this day.

Read the Notarized Results